Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter at Embarkment

Silver comedy and in general comedy.

For me, it is to show we, Silver haired women and man, are young in soul and heart. We are not so different from young people, as they do believe.

It is also to bring old, silver haired (or colored hair) people the comedy to them, those who do not go to pubs in the evening, and show how much laughing about life's frustrations can make them more easy to go through.

Coming home from my rdv, I bought my ticket for Cantenbury, for Friday, and even for Leichester, middle of the month.

It will be the first time to gig outside London, 10 minutes in Cantembury, Friday.
"It is freezing in here"
And hopefully at least as much in Leichester (where I begin with 3 minutes plus 2 for filming) and if I pass the heat then 5 more in the evening. Even more important, the next day, time to analyse all what happened. Draw conclusions, lessons. Learn from them.

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