Friday, February 3, 2012

For the first time, outside London to go to a Comedy Club! For the first time I was given the ten minutes I asked for.

How to make laugh for ten minutes?

I hope, I will be able to do it and not fade between the other, more experimented comedians.

I will not be paid, but if I succeed, it will be payment enough.

"Stage time, stage time, stage time." as Darren Lecroix sais. New experiment, in one way or the other. New lessons, new discoveries. In all, I wish to Chris, my pal from the last Comedy Workshop good luck (merde!) for his new endeavour. Not only he organizes it but also compères it. For him, it will be even more important the outcome then to me.

And also, I will learn more about "out of London" audience.

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