Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still from the Guardian and my observations

"Julie Kertesz's comedy is all about up-ending expectations and stereotypes. Besides the swearing, she jokes about her ex-husband's infidelities, and her own sexual appetites – much to her daughter's dismay. "I say standup is like making love," she says. "You have to look people in the eyes, you have to pace yourself, you have to practise, and you never give up – even after 70."

Kertesz thinks her age gives her an advantage. It buys her instant audience affection, and plenty of cliches to subvert.

I can not agree more.


Subvert stereotypes, yes!

But I also learned to begin with what the audience see. I do tell my age, That begins the cheering.

I do tell I stand not easy on my legs, and I do tell early that my mother language is Hungarian, too and that I have had.... experience.

Changing fast also the expectations about old age, old women, and "others", connecting to what each in audience can think inside or feel.That begins the laughter.

And tell a story about all that, rather then jokes. Or stories, somehow connected together.

Tomorrow, early I am of for Leicester.

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