Thursday, February 2, 2012

Different Audience

Last month I was with audience of Silver haired retired citizens, this morning, I told a story and then we played it out, to 4 to 5 years old from a school.

28 in one class! Plus 8 mothers and the teacher! Small library, small room, sitting one near other on the carpet for the children, and some chairs around for the parents.

The story went well, even if I think they did not understand all. What is a barrel? What is a feather duvet? And so on.

Not only the age is important but the cultural differences too. For some things, having some pictures would have been better, but as soon as we started to act it out, they were delighted.

How you hide and were?
How you make chicken and collect feathers?
Do you like honey in your tea?
Tell all together "come back tommorow"
Play in two, one rises from the bed (floor) and the other, knocks, comes in then afraid runs away.

And so on.

Everyone left satisfied, after 40 minutes.

It took me almost two hours to come home, but I was happy to have had that experience.

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