Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Show what you do!

Those are my most viewed photos on Flickr, so much better then puting them in a drawer, or even in an album not often opened.

But those put as a slide show with often some music, are even more looked at! on Dailymotion, or Viméo or YouTube. Some of them, from my pictures, some even videos.

The slide show 'Six jours au Maroc' of my week in Marocco, has become the most popular of all with, 100 000 visites and 5 stars, it is hard even to imagine!

My vidéos 'Orgue de Barbarie', and a Portugaise dance and, accordéon in Paris Métro have been looked at also more then 10 000 times. From this page, all have been seen by more then 1500!
Accordeon Paris métro par julie70
Here one of them, the shorter, only a few seconds of accordéon and underground mood.

Those from here, all have 5 stars Very divers!

I have put around 220 on Dailymotion, vidéos et diapos. Before they begun to refuse slideshows, I did not go elsewhere. Now, I am posting also or mostly on Vimeo and YouTube. More go to look on YouTube, not so many know about Dailymotion, in fact.

Yes, it is worth to show what we do!

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