Sunday, February 19, 2012

Emily did not have a good time, does not speak Standup language!

I will not publish today here what she wrote in the Independent, and appeared this morning, also she spend a whole afternoon and evening with us, Silver Comedians and then the public too, she did not seem to enjoy it.

There is more put down and even more disdain, in my opinion in her reportage of it.

She begins, with me, thank you, as thus:

"With her tightly curled grey hair, oversized cardie and sweet smile, Julie Kertesz looks like the sort of granny who fishes in her pockets and hands out fluff-covered humbugs. But then she opens her mouth: "I'm 77 years old; what the fack am I doing stand-up for?" Rather than antique sweets, she dishes out a profanity-filled comedy spiel that arcs from biting reflections on catching cheating lovers to the perils of shaving unwanted female facial hair.

She and 23 others are vying to be the first ever Silver Stand-Up of the Year, being held in a small hall in Leicester's community arts centre.

She is nicer with Bob, the older between us:

 "Bob Renshaw, 80, with white hair and white beard, looks like Central Casting's idea of a doddery pensioner. He has never done stand-up in front of a proper audience but – emboldened by a course last year – is taking the plunge. "I've always done a bit of writing and thought that some of it was quite amusing," he says. "The only older people you generally see doing stand-up are those who've been doing it since they were young." When he gets on stage he is laugh-out-loud funny." 

At least, Emily, appreciated someone's comedy Bob was indeed great but so where many of us!

Here, Jumbo with Charmain, with whom I become very good pal! Both on the circuit for 20 years.

Towards the end, Emily writes:

"The 24 have to endure an agonising wait to be whittled down to 10 for the evening's final and the chance to take home a prize. 

Don has not made it, and goes home early looking dejected. Bob, Charmain, Julie and Shelley are all through to the next round.

The final 10 battle again, this time in front of a paying public of 100 or so and a panel of five judges. Shelley's skit on being born a man raises the biggest laughs again and she takes home the prized golden microphone for Silver Stand-Up of the Year. 

Potty-mouthed Julie Kertesz bags Best Old Newcomer and is sporting a victory grin. "My pleasure is not to win but to make people laugh and to challenge stereotypes about age," she says.

What does it mean "potty-mouthed" ?

I would return to Emily, that she is "bitter poison" minded! No, in fact, she has yet to learn the language of Standup comedy! For me, it is my 5th language and I try to speak with all people the language they use.

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