Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reflexions: how many times?

There are so many view! So many reflections!

Which is true?

Sometimes, we do not know.

Sometimes, in our mind, the deformed reflection becomes the true one, and we do not even see the reality. Or, do not wish, or cannot acknowledge it.

We have spoken, reflections in the Afterclass group, and at that occasion I put in a set all my pictures showing some kind of reflection.

On a mirror. As the one above.

On a glass.

This is a picture taken from the glass of a car, showing reflections in the windows too.
Reflexion on the car 8
On water.


or in town near a canal.
Strolling along canal St Martin, Paris

Night time.
Lights & reflections in London-13

Even in a puddle.
National Museum (7)

On a shiny surface.Here, a tiny one.
Poignée reflexion Me
I was so surprised to see there were more then 700! 

Each time, there is something more to it, we begun to see something else, too. And also dream and imagine. "What if I entered suddenly in a doorknob?" What if there was more under the National Gallery then what meets the eye? What new angle will reveal yet something new fascinating?

I did know I was fascinated by people, I did not realise, I was also with reflections.

And now, that I have my lost bag back, I see again, what happened differently. Now, I can see some of the funny side of it too. There are always more ways to see something!

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