Friday, February 24, 2012


Sometimes, it is closed, so no one can enter.

What happens, when we can not enter to our own place any more in the middle of winter night?

It is not the best thing!

It is not the worst thing, either.

I did have very nice neighbours. After waiting for the car which speeded off with my bag, leaving me without my keys to enter, at midnight, finally I knocked.

Two wonderful women opened me, their apartment, let me use their computer then their phone, so I could contact my son who has my spare keys. He had to come from afar to bring them to me.

It was past one at then night, when finally I could enter!

What an adventure!

Some time, I will find a funny way to tell it, for the moment, I am still waiting to recuperate my things.

Yes, keeping out seems ok, if it is not you who want to enter.

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