Saturday, February 11, 2012

2 cups, 2 memories, 2 children

I alternate, using cups that bring nearer me my children.

The cup with an apple, received from my daughter. It sais:

I will not get angry in the class, I will not hit someone in the class, I will not make a tantrum in the class room - I am the teacher.

She is a teacher.

Every time I take that cup to drink coffee or tea, I smile again and remember her kitchen and her warmth.

The other cup, is a new one, received recently from my familly living in London. My son and my daughter in love contributed both to it, so each time I take the cup, my heart warmth as I think of their attention.

I found it on this rack, in my kitchen, one day. Suddenly, it was there!

A joy to have such wonderful children, such great people caring about me.

It does not have to be St Valentine for it!

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