Monday, January 30, 2012

Speak outside Toastmasters

Of course, no one goes to Toastmasters - or not many - to speak at the end he or she learned to speak in public, inside the club.

The club is great to learn, to experiment, to screw up, to have feedback, and make pals.

Recently we had a Webinar about "speak outside toastmasters".

I begun in fact to speak outside my club, three years ago, as my Icebreaker was as Mystery speaker in an unknown club at an Evaluation Contest.

After speaking in different clubs and audiences, I have discovered Spark London True Tales event held once a month at the Canal Cafee Theatre, near Little Venice, a great venue and paid audience of about 60, each time full.

Johanna, its organizer took me after that to different other venues, one more intriguing then the other, which culminated with a "pro" storytelling event at the Manchester Townhall before 400+ audience.

Brixton's Ritch True Tales gave me other venue, an open mic event, for telling my tales in a more noisy environment. New skills to learn each time.

After my Comedy Workshops, I am now after my 12 or so Stand Up comedy event and booked for more. The stand up gives new challenges and great responding audiences.

Creating Workshop, yet another challenge.

Yes, I did get out and now I will have to teach also others to do so.

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