Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jay from China

We come to London from so many different places!

Jay come seven years ago from China.

I do not think the "real" Brits understand what that means, how difficult must still be nowadays, and it was even more so before, to go away from a still Communist country! Not the "far away" and even not the huge amount of money it takes, because salaries are a lot less then here, but to obtain the right to travel and to have the courage to decide to go.

I did meet her at Hyde park corner, she is a Toastmaster too. I do not know much about her yet, but as we did decide to take a photowalk, soon, I'll know her better then. But already I can imagine so much!

And you can see from this photo above what a nice person she is!

Yesterday, I went to a Storytelling event, personal Storytelling. Only one, a young girl, also of Chinese origin, told us a story, the others read it. There were interesting and well written, but more literally then oral stories.

Not what I have expected, hoped for.

The public sit around tables in the dark, the tellers, there were eight of them, on a podium, and their tale was recorded, only their voice, no movements. But they did not move and few looked to us. Reading stories is interesting, but when one expects "telling"....

I was invited to tell (read) also a story, the next one is about "Now or never." That made me to think, of my "now or never" tales, but of course unless I'll take about Breakups, "There is always yet another chance!" Still, I remembered stories about my life and new memories come up to the surface.

Do I want to perform before a paying audience who sits in the dark? Just seven minutes? It would be a challenge of course, but 5 October it too early to prepare!

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