Thursday, September 3, 2009

Impro night for London Toastmasters

Asst Div B Gov (PR), the new Editor The London Speaker, Dorothea Stuart, and her friend, Toastmasters from the Riverside Communicators.

The London Speaker blog gives a lot of advice what to see and what to do in London for Toastmasters and those wanting to improve their speaking skills.

How much work there is to organize, to write, to visit!

As the day before I was late, this time I was too early - two hours to early! Other then Dorothea and the team that was to perform, no one was there yet when I arrived.

I was extremely well impressed that they did not put me out, but welcomed me nerveless! Sign also of Toastmaster organisation's welcome, but even more her personal one!

Dorothea Stuart, OpensFor TM's Education

I love how all Toastmasters speak also with their hands!

I also met the organizer of the Early Birds speakers, they begin at 7 in the morning week after week! Yes, I'll have to go in the city so early, and soon!

Great performers who learned "on the spot" - also one of them already took a lot of Impro classes, I met him at one of them when I tried to see "how it is"!
Here, at the pause, three of the new "vedettes":

Impro, Volontary Performers

But the others were "new" to this and very good!

We had good time, even if I did not learn what I did need, how to speak on the spot for our Table-topics Competition, and that was what I hoped when I went to Camden.

It rained. It was cold.

But the mood in the room was great and the people I met were well worth the trembling in the night after the event.

I found a bus that took me to Trafalgar Square, a train towards home came very fast, it was only while waiting for the buses that I felt the cold wind of fall on me.
London rainy night-2v

I arrived home with new decisions and yes, I'll also go this Sunday to the Hyde Corner event. When I read first about those speeches, I never imagined I'll try one day to speak there, myself!

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