Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, Saturday: Bournemouth

Bournemouth Adieu-14After an interesting Humorous Toastmaster contest in Bromley, Thursday evening, the next morning from Waterloo station to Bournemouth, 100 miles south west of London.

I had the delight to participate to a UK Speechwriters Guild first annual conference, wonderfully organized and not only great speakers, but also very interesting participants.

I'll have to read again, but what I remember just tonight, is the importance of Rhetoric, the even more importance of being himself and thus showing authentic passion, and hearing a lot about how to, write, deliver, speeches, not only how to connect to the audience, but what devices are more effective to make them remember.

A very shabby hotel, a bed all in bumps, but today, in centre town, I discovered a French market, a nice park and a beautiful sea side with fine golden sand. I took about two hundred pictures today, and did not put yet, on flickr more then half of them.

Most pictures are not from the conference, because I was to absorbed to listen, write down, participate, instead of looking at it from outside, like a photographer.

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