Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meridian Speakers Humorous Contest

And the Winner is:
the president of our club, Steve Archer with a funny speech about how he hates the hesitant ones on the queue in the supermarket, or the bad sellers on a shoe shop, how he does not mind.

Also, he imitated it so well, the seller in the Greenwich market "come sweet, I'll give you more, and..." I still hear him telling it.

Dave Longley was a great and funny Contest Chair (in all the images).

Matt Collins, our Vice president of Education, got the second prize, with a Tall Story about James Bond coming to live in his house, to share the price.

Great storytelling skills!

Meridian Speakers Humorous Contest (18)

After the break, we had the Table Topics contest, and I won, between eight others, the second prize, but in fact we all won: we did go out, we dared, we were there: so she won too.
Meridian Speakers Contest (16)

David Thomson won the first prize, he was the one that in March asked "who is ready to go to another club and give his or her Ice-breaker, so 5 evaluators could speak about it in the Evaluator's contest?" I do! I did.
Meridian Speakers Contest
That is how I begun my "Toastmasters career in London. Thanks to him.

That was Tuesday.

Today, I am going to another contest just to lend hand, keep the time. Every time, I do remember how afraid I got, that first time, when I show my time was up and I was not yet finished with my text!

Saturday, I'll have to speak again, along (and not against) all the others who won their club's 1st prize recently. We'll be six. Being there is for me already "winning" and not "failing", but also, this night, I got lots of new ideas how I can use the same speech, just a little changed for other occasions.

I feel, it is also a persuasive speech, an inspiring speech, not only a funny one. So, I'll try to give it a few times, with different occasions and in different environments. Each time, adapted to the occasion.

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