Thursday, September 17, 2009

Humour speech contest 2009

We begin in our club, some of us, speak, and the judges decide who between us goes to the Area level contest, when speakers from five or six club come to give their speech.

Me, in a contest? No way!

This is what I thought only in January and even in Mars. Besides, the other three of us five, were "old hands" experienced, and really English, understanding better the British humour then me.

Probably the reason I got the first price in our club at Lewisham Speakers yesterday night, was because I did believe what I said in my title "Dare to Fail": I was convinced I cannot win, I did only want to try if I can make laugh again an audience.
"Dare to Fail"  1st place

It is so sweet to hear them laugh!

I still remember ten years ago in a small France village when for almost 20 minutes all the members of the audience (French and English writers) roared in the night, laughing at my text about my nose and how I did not cut it... finally.

Yesterday, I got also lots of laugh and that is the most important.

Now, I will have to give my speech again, in a few days, again.

The best thing is to concentrate only on my audience and not do not think about "running in a contest". The contest is already daring to be there, daring to speak in English and also, telling real stories about myself about how every time I failed in my speeches - to slowly improve at the end.

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