Wednesday, September 23, 2009

See differently

We went together to visit a farm near the Thames IN LONDON, not far from the Canary Wharf, in the Isle of Dogs.

I become to rain.

A cow continued to graze quietly, as all of us surrounded it, admired, photographed, under umbrellas.

The cow was less interesting to me then the people and their interaction to it.

Looking, seeing differently is important. That is why yesterday, I got the second prize on Table Topics contest at the Meridiam Speakers Toastmasters. But mostly, each of us are unique, and feel, see differently. I did not see any other's picture taken there, but for sure they are not like mine's, because we see through our own viewpoints.

I have so many images that I could work some more, and take out more of it! I should do it, instead of going all the time farther and farther, taking yet another one!

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