Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why those one?

On the flickr photo site, I have by now around 33 000 pictures, added from 2005 to now.

Anyone, can "choose" those he or she likes "most" between them. Looking through what the other photographers (or anyone registered on flickr) choose as their favorietes, I have difficulty to understand "why" it was those most of them did.

An interesting face - this one I do understand!

An interesting face

4th of favorite, 2nd in Interstingness
43 fav and 4587 views and 64 comments

it is also my favourite one, personally - is is extracted from a big image, looking at that I suddenly have seen what is hiding and cannot be seen if I did not "bring it out" cut all that is around and hiding this strong human look

3. Chanel a Argenteuil
Chanel à Argenteuil
52 fav, 1870 view and 63 comments
It was published in the Argenteuil newpaper, the week of elections, with a page about my photographic activity, I do not like it as much as I did then. I was waiting for the reporter to arrive and meet me near the station, when suddenly I have seen this, happy I had the camera in my hand.

2. Aie! they will see you...
Aie! they will see you!
63 fav 3494 views and 76 comments

Probably also because it was elected best autoportrait of the year, far away, when I did publish it, I do not really see other reason... perhaps because I am ready to mock myself?

1. La Maison Rose du Butte Montmartre

La maison rose de la Butte Montmartre

277 fav, 19 380 view and 63 comments
and it goes on week by week, I still do not understand why!

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