Wednesday, September 16, 2009


One can tell the story of a short but interesting walk, with images, or one can invent a tale, a story around it, using it or its surrounding, or something that happened during it.

Yesterday evening, I went to a Storytelling group, not far from where I live.

We were seven storytellers telling our stories, for children, for adults, invented or personal ones. Very different personalities and voices, all with great telling abilities, as soon as we got into it.

I also had the possibility, not only to tell my Hungarian folk tale, but they did listen - and loved even more I think - my personal tale, where my father's is embedded in mine's. 'Yes, they told me, tell it like this, it is perfect!' They told me there are many tales embeded in each other, they should not be following the time, and they did understand and could follow mine, without any problem.

From now on, at least once a month but perhaps more, I can go there and listen to their tales and tell mine. They do also some public storytelling in museums I think.


Poking fun of myself, I got used not to take myself seriously.

Which image from this series would you take and tell a story, spin a story about it? The real animals, or the wall art one's: I do love them, so funny!

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