Monday, September 7, 2009

Hyde park speakers corner

What an adventure!

Going out on the Hyde Park speaker's corner, to test our courage to speak, the volume of our voice and how we continue despite possible interruptions.

We passed all that test!

We did have our interrupter, our public having also their say, and our voice was heard by those stopping to listen to us, despite the buses, taxis and cars passing not far from us.

What a fun and great adventure!

Our first table topics master, to Break the Ice, had come with different vegetables about which each of us had to begin to speak. I spoke about Aubergine. Others of green pepper or the leek: I did not know this last was a symbol for the Welsh until now.

The beginning of Mat's speech (VP Education of Meridiam speakers club.)

And perhaps, they did not learn how to prepare the Aubergines until I told them.

Mostly, I told what I was prepared to do, about remaining young at old age inside, and telling them to do the same, but also what I was not prepared at all, about how drinking too much can kill and how it did kill my husband.

You have to tell what is true, but no one has to tell "all the truth" so I did not tell that he was at 52 when he died already "ex" husband, and only my "first ex".... that not being relevant of our subject at all.

He did drink, towards the end more then 6 litres of vine, by day, alas and it is true that his liver did not take it well. He died so young! I told that to our drunk young listener, who was otherwise a wonderful mime too, contributing to the adventure we had speaking outside, speaking in the park, speaking for those who did not have to stop or stay if they did not want to.

Broadgate speakers club, had a great idea, I hope, my clubs will do one day the same. It was a memorable day!


  1. How courageous you are! Sitting in my quiet computer room, alone, my hands shake a little at the mere thought of doing this.

  2. If it is done as "fun" then there is no reason to shake... and I love audience!