Friday, September 25, 2009

Safe or sorry?

Safe of sorry, that was the question yesterday, at the Topics Contest of Croydon Communicators Toastmasters.

I loved this topic!

Most, answered "Sorry" and linked it to having fun.

I would tell, that playing it safe is our instinct, but it does not make us happy to play it too safe!

Safe or sorry, that is (NOT) the question!

Even if at the end, I was sorry, I did not regret the things I dared to go into. They gave me satisfaction al least, happiness often, even if it was only for some time. I do not regret any of my loves. I would not have wanted to have missed them!

Of course, going to USA 33 years ago was not "safe" either, and coming to London, at age 74, changing language again, not only city and place, was not a "safe" choice either.

I am very happy I did!

Just hope, it will be very long time (if not never) that I become "sorry" if ever. I had lot of up and down in my life, at least, it was interesting. At least I did live instead of vegetating!

I had good contact at Croydon Communicators meeting yesterday, took lots of pictures too, they even thanked me! Alas, they could have been better. My flash do not reach far enough!

But this picture was taken after the meeting, from near. I love them! How wonderful ladies!
The spirit of Toastmasters
This image I entitles "the spirit of Toastmasters."

A participant who is learning to fly, applause, diploma of participation: he dared and did his best telling us funny stories! Yes, he has still to learn to use more his body (also he did use it) and his voice too (also I did understood all he told and I was at the back.) Did he win or not? By participating, he already won.

He dared, he did not play it "safe"!

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