Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Corporate Challenge Grand Final

At St Mary le Bow, near the Bank Station, yesterday night, I assisted to the Public speaking challenge 2009 final, ten very different interesting and well delivered speeches on the same subject:

Recession, the light at the end of the tunnel

It was really stupefying to hear so much different can be ten 6 minute speeches on the same given theme!

I was also happy to see, that some of those who organized it, as some of those who assisted to it, I knew already or they did knew me from other conferences and speeches!

I did not felt lost and alone!

I specially enjoyed the conference of the winner, Paul Carroll, who begun with what Marx got wrong, and ended, speaking about how private initiative works so well in the capitalist, democratic system.

I'll try to put here one or two speeche fragments and/or links to fragments of them, to give a "taste".

And today, it is me, who speaks again, too, at the Meridien Club, about the importance of Personal Storytelling in a Speech and in human contact with the audience.

For the moment, a slide show of some images I took there (my camera is not good enough in bad light conditions, as in that church, but some, I do like)

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