Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1st photowalk by Roger & U3A

Great few hours even (or because) of the rain, walking and taking photos with the group Roger organized, in the University of 3rd Age.

He was the only man, and his wife made the "secretary" asking each of our "number". Who can remember so many numbers! We all have a name, could we not be remembered by our names? Most of us did not know or have with us the membership card, but we were all members of the University of third age.

We started at the Lewisham DRL station and went with train to the farm, but accross the road we could see ships passing and the huge buildings of the Canary Warf.

The cow did not cooperate too much, he turned his back to me, but Roger farther away explaining how to for one of us, here, I took around 50 photos, here are only a few of them.
1st photowalk with Roger & u3a-29
But here it is his face, on the farm's wall.
1st photowalk with Roger & u3a-55

This is the funniest I think, I was following the black and white horse when this happened and my camera took it instantly.
1st photowalk with Roger & u3a-39 d

We did not go farther today as the Farm's cafee, because of the rain, but it was a very pleasant meeting and all of us, I am sure, like me too, look forward to the farther walks.

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