Sunday, June 17, 2012

Area Governor this year in a new Area

My area was just created, and it is one of the latest, with the number 59.

Well, I am not so much into festivities, but this somehow it counts. And it does even more, that I received in at the end of the District's Officer Training event.

Last year, the president of the club who should have passed me the president's sign, has "forgotten" to bring it, then told me "lost it". Somewhere inside him he did not want to pass it to me.

Even without, I become a good president, and somewhere along the line I got one. But it was not the same as if I have gotten it when I become president of the club.

As area Governor, now I have four clubs in charge, to serve and help, as they need - and new ones, hopefully to grow.

Yes, our District Governor, was right: recognition matters. I shell keep this in mind.

And in a few days, I will pass my "president" sign to my beloved successor, she will be a great president of club. In fact, we already begun our activites, each one for the following "Toastmasters" year, which, officially begins only 1 July.

We did pass to each other the toarch.

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