Thursday, June 7, 2012

January 2011. the worst was the best

I went to a Comedy School, at the beginning of last year. My first one.

I was the fish out of water, with all this boys, men who wanted to behave like kids again.

It was the worst environment for me, the only woman, the only old, the only "too much reminding them boundaries".

It was the best environment for me, too.

Preparing me to what will be most of the audience and how to conquer them, how to speak their language in some way, how to communicate with them.

After that, it went uphill.

No I was not "obliged" to swear, for them to accept me, but when you are in a new place, do you not try to learn and use "their language"? I think, you do. Weather that is "English", or "Scottish" or Hungarian. Or the language of the street or the language of comedy.

It is not about clean or not clean. There are not really "dirty" words, it is more what is in your head. What conveys what and how I say it.

"I gather my shit and come back to you" from a young comedian meant only, he has to find a place where the gig will be held. "What I am doing in this shit" from me it shows I can speak like them. I do not have to. I enjoy it, on the podium only of course.

I am still happy of what I have accomplished so far. But now, I prepare for tonight gig, on Lewisham High street (details in my Competent Communicator blog), and all the rest is behind me.

What counts now is the next gig, the next experiment, the next audience.

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  1. Dear Julie, you are my hero! It's me, Jean, from 'flickr'. Maybe you will remember me? No matter. I am now 62 and feeling old and stuck. You inspire me to continue living.