Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FunnysFunny Female Comedians

Monday, 18 june 2012

I was between them and got lots and strong laughter : the six hours (3 there and three on the road) the waiting (I was 11 from 12) feeling more and more tired while I waited my tour to arrive from afar (the place was full, even on back and the stairs with audience so we had to sit in an adjoining room, we could only hear) all was worth it.

I got many huge laughter.

The organizer showed me beer on the floor: I laughed so much I spilled it! Good stuff, good stuff.

A competitor complained : it is difficult to arrive at your level. That was also a compliment. But all were good, all had some different and funny material.

All were young too.

All but me.

Well, that was funny too.

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