Friday, June 29, 2012

Picadilly Soho London, Photoreportage

One does not find always what one looks for, but something else pops up. So what? Enjoy! Be happy with it.

I went to perform in Soho, near the Picadily Circus and did a set of ten minutes. Not many but great audience and wonderful co-performers.

I had a great evening.

Going out, lot of noise, cheering, movement on the Picadilly Circus.

First, I got into the entrance of a museum where manaquin musicians performed in relative calm.
Picadilly Soho London Museum
Did Italy won a match? Flages, waiving, climbing on the statue even.But that was too far. I decided, not to go nearer.
Picadilly Soho London Tam tam also playing near the underground station, people taking photos of everything.
Picadilly Soho London
After I realised I do not want to go nearer the crowd I begun to take pictures of the photographers.
Picadilly Soho London

Decisive moment!

Picadilly Soho London "Pick pocket?" I I went home and only this morning, looking at my pictures did I realize, I did caught a young short skirted woman puting her hand in another woman's bag!

I did always imagine pickpockets young boys, never like this! Till now. Not only one can learn at any age, but one never know how one thing can lead to another.

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  1. It might be a question of point of view, the angle!