Monday, June 4, 2012

Can-can in the rain

Well, perhaps we will not see French Can Can in London tonight, but if it rains, the dance (if any) or if not the music and songs for sure, will continue.

I looked at the face of the Queen on the boat while it was raining and going down the Thames, she was not happy and she was cold. Still stayed there despite all her years.

I hope she will not catch cold.

I would in her place, and yes, I did stay home and looked at all in my again warmed appartment.

Meanwile at least I created new stories in my mind and got some new ideas for the incomming Toastmaster's year.

Remembering the dancers in the rain the 1 May 2006 in Argenteuil. They did not stop, they went on!
Dancing despite the rain

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