Saturday, June 9, 2012

Going back, soon

Ravesbourne Arms entrance

What a pleasure a odiscover a new pub, a new restaurant, a new "hangout"! Warm welcome, good food (it did smell and look so) served and books all along the windows. Places to speak. 

Well that "speak" was the only thing that gave some problem to us, comedians, standup, Thursday, after nine in the evening, as we tried to make those, who did want to have good time and laugh, listen to us in one of the corners of the place. One day, they will solve the problem, or isolating the place, there is enough room and corner to do so, or asking all there to participate for those one or two hours.

But it is a place I feel I will return with someone I want to speak with around a nice meal. I am not sure yet, how much one can hear each other, but for sure there are quiet corners and even tables outside, behind. And it is not far from where I live. With the bus, 15 minutes. Considering the time to the bus, the time the bus arrives, in is still less then half an hour. Yes, I will go back.

This morning, I made another discovery, that of a wonderful woman and family. 5 children. Probably from two different husbands, a husband so attractive. Joys and sorrows of a life, working woman, writing woman, and most of all, someone who does care. One can feel the care from her wonderful (French) prose. Art. I am still very moved by it. The joys of a blog and the joys of connection!

I will go back soon, to both.

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