Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great paper on me in the Guardian

Yes, after so many month, the Guardian did publish the 5 papers on "New life after 60".

It was supposed to be in the Christmas magazine or newspaper. It did not gel then. In February, I was send a nice photographer (but he did not send me - yet? - the other photos as promised) to Comedy in Tooting. He has taken more then hundred different images then.

Another bank holiday, it will be published, I was told.

Bank holidays come and went and nothing. I told myself, well, "c'est la vie". So goes life. So what?

Yesterday afternoon a sudden email "it is in the paper"!

Not only with a great and huge photo of me gigging, but also with mention of those through whom I arrived to Comedy. The Toastmasters International, public speaking clubs, where I fall in love with the audience and telling about my life, three years and three month ago. Spark London with whom I told true stories at the Canal Café Theatre, (and soon in Edinburgh Fringe for a week). And the Silver Comedy, with whom I won the "Best Newcomer 2012" award in Leicester, and who linked to Dave's Comedy festival had a great Public Relation's team or journalist. So far, she linked me to many journals.

Well, it is coming and going, but it was a great afternoon and it will be a great day! The summer is up, my energy is up, my plans for the future look bright, too.

But I had a nightmare, this evening. I was asked to perform... comedy for one hour! What? I always want "more" then my usual 5 minutes but already 10 seems plenty. For the moment. We build our material slowly, experimenting, writing, experimenting again. A lot more to gig, before I go to even 20!

Of course, if someone asked me to tell stories, true tales, that would be another mater. No nightmare.

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