Friday, May 22, 2009

A bit farther, and it

A bit farther, and it looks so different!

It is not art, but it tells what I feel. Any drab thing could be improved.

I am preparing my fourth Toastmaster speech. It is about how we use the words to tell it. At first, it did seem very tough for me.

I begun, as any French would do, to read about rhetoric devices. Then I begun to think about the words I'll repeat. I found them! "Yes. Thanks." But it still did not gel.

Yesterday, reading advices from the Toastmasters journal online, I discover advices for those for whom English is the second language.

OK, for me it is the forth language. Hungarian, then Romanian, then French. English was the 4th I learned. I did improve, living three years in Washington DC. thirty years ago, I did improve going to Toastmasters there, and I will improve it now, even more.

Still, a long way to go.

Yesterday, I learned that to sound more English, you have to use short sentences and a lot of one syllable words. The great orators, and presidents, use them. The people in my romance read this morning uses them. I could use them.

I'll try.

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