Friday, May 15, 2009


Monique gave me this gift: a photo I love, I could never smile like this at myself, at my own camera: it had to be her, us, speaking about our lifes, understanding each other so well, to bring out all this in my expression.

I felt, I have to show you.

This is how I feel about so many of you too, near you. Causing me so much joy, as Monique, by her understanding of my life's ups and downs.

I believed she took too near, but she took what she have seen.
Paris in spring (Sony)_0400
Monique has a very moving face, perhaps this is the best I took of her before we sit down under the trees of place de Vosges center park and talked and talked.

So much more to tell about Paris, York, and this night, again London: it is the "night in the Museum" and we'll go with now, already ten years old grand daughter!

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