Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lewisham Speakers Club

After having decided not to go there any more, it is not easy to access it from where I live, and so on, not only I decided to stay, but took on me a role: vice president of membership.

Assuring people are happy (more then I was last month) and that guest come back and become members.

At least, that it is I understand for the moment will be my role. Also, welcoming everyone as she or he arrives. But all that means: I have to be there too! Not to complain about it either!

Humor of the situation? Or strategy from the founders?
Lewisham Speakers Club
Finally, the club is up, after six month from 3 founding members to more then 26 as I understand now. Soon a dinner to celebrate the clubs creation. Fairly expensive in my opinion, but can I not go?

How could I welcome the guests if I am not there?

Did I think clearly when I took on this task? This morning I was panniqued, but I also begin to have lots of ideas, whom to invite, to whom to speak about it...

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