Sunday, May 31, 2009

So much joy!

I participated to my grand daughter birthday party yesterday: it was held in the Greenwich park. What a great place!

One can do so many things in an English park!

Hold a birthday party, play tennis or football, walk a dog, bicycle, hold hands, pic-nick, and so much more!

I was taking photos and videos of the birthday party when this delightful interesting looking old lady come near us. Immediately, I felt attracted to her.

'May I take your portrait?'

Because she did not say 'yes' but let herself be persuaded, we begin to speak, to share. What a surprise to discover: she speaks Hungarian! So we continued in that language, my mother language, that I speak so seldom.

What a joy: we'll meet each other next week again!

I am sure, we have so much to tell each other, common but also different experiences. 'Clever and youth in spirit' someone wrote a comment under her portrait published in flickr. Sometimes, others express better what I feel: another joy.

As I set down, towards the end of the party, looking at the people around, taking some of their pictures, candid or asked, I was enriched by the experience.

And again, yesterday proved to me that photography approach me to people, not distances me from them.

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  1. Looks like a lovely time was had by all at the park.

    best wishes