Monday, May 18, 2009

Learning from each other

Listening to the young speakers, first at the BBC TWO then their Web, from the first to the last episode (I think there were 8)I learned a lot. About the kids today in England and Wales, and Scotland, but also how to improve Public Speaking.

I got to love Kay Kay and the others, and listening to Duncan's last speech, (and the two sympathetic others who did not win) I did understand why he did win. His speech, delivered with mastery, seemed the most personal and sincere.

He succeeds in it to personalise a difficult given subject.

Alas, I went to France and lost the last two episodes, telling myself I'll look at them at my return. But when I opened the BBC 2 site to look at it, it was no more available. I am still morning it, and would like to look again and again at the old episodes too. I hope, it will be available sometime, somewhere.

One can learn so much from them!

Yes, at 75 I can learn from 15 years kids. Brave, smart, interesting, each with their own personality. We can also learn why some become less loved : they did not appreciate enough the others, they become to sure they will be the one to win.

Finally, the be open to others and be confident but not conceited is also necessary when speaking because our personality goes through to the audience. And also, even if we do not put it in worlds, how we perceive our subject.

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