Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Each of us is different, each of us finds interesting something else, also. I would not have observed this wonderful car if my daughter-in-law would not have taken something similar, but yes, I think I took it from the right angle!

Three men, drinking their beer not far from it, outside, looked at me taking it and one of them pointed to the car behind it, a mini.

"That one is interesting!"

In Paris, we have many of minis, but not many Roll Roys, but I did not tell them. I took a photo of them, pointed to a third old used car:

"I could afford that one..."

A bit later, I took the reflections of building's windows in a car window, then green cherries on the tree. After our meeting at LIP, London Independant Photographers of Greenwich, I took images of windows, lightened from inside or outside.

Creativity? Playing like children, being more intuitive, letting go. Try out different things, out of our comfort zone too. Lots of good advices, I knew already but I'll try with more confidence from now on.

But I learned something new too: make a dialog from what is inside you to the subject. Discover what it tells you by exchange.

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