Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sara's exemple

Sara had survived cancer of the breast and kept dancing, now, Sara has been diagnosed with bone cancer.

Of course, she begun to plan, to write in her diary and journals, (and Lloyd has given us pictures of her writing too), but she also went to dance, she continued to dance, dance, dance.

My teacher photographer collegue from Leeds, published dark red toes she just made, then wrote about her and showed her courage.

An example, that I cannot forget, cannot stop thinking about it, writing about it.

Here is Sara, dancing five years ago (with the author of the other pictures), and here is Sara dancing a few days ago again.

Doing our thing, originally uploaded by Briggate.com. Dance dance dance, originally uploaded by Briggate.com.

I did learn something from her, from him. Will not forget I hope. And will think about it, more, from now on.

What I want to do with my last years, month, days?

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