Sunday, May 17, 2009

Deux regards

In fact, his job was to stay at the door, and let people in, but somehow he felt as a guarding it, even if he let in anyone who wanted. In this image, he had seen while taking her, he can be inside the picture too.

I realised the image impact only home, and cut out everything not showing the difference of their expressions.

A picture can tell so many different things and can be also telling what was not there. I still like this image.

Yesterday meeting, an Art & City Meetup organized by Chris (UrbanSpace on Flickr) was very rich in event, even if we were only three. That gave us a possibility of echange between us and also stroll to unprogrammed places.

Coming home, I met a charming young couple with their baby, Melody, who live nearby and invited me for a cup of tea!
Melodie-1Looking out of my window never will be the same again: I know some charming warm young from Irland are just accross there.

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