Friday, December 5, 2008

99P store & St Nicolas in Lewisham

In Lewisham High Street, before the 99p store, near the bus station, St Nicolas has arrived already!

In my childhood, he arrived the six december, best said between five and six in the middle of night - of course when I was sleeping.

We put our shoes the five between the two windows (not "french windows but Hungarian double windows) and tried not to sleep, to catch him, but eventually went to sleep.

In the morning of 6 the St Nicolas (Miklos in Hungarian) he has already passed, leaving us bonbons in our shoes. And of course because no child is all good, also some golden birtch, not to hit us but just for remainder that we were not all wonderful chilren all the time.

I did expect one and the other and sometimes
99P store and St Nicolas-5
I also found colour pens or other small gifts. I always got up very early - but never catched St Nicolas! Not like now, when you see him before the 99penny store!

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