Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Westminster bridge

While the cars were speeding tourists from Spain, at least in this one, took photos of each other with the background of Westminster. A little later, I asked them, and he did take an image of me too with the same background. "Prego", he answered my thanks, so I knew from were thay come.

Of course, I do name "Londoners" all the people I meet in London, as I named "Parisians" everyone met in Paris, without thinking too much from were they arrived, or who they were.. I met them there, they were part of the town and its mood.

Yesterday I had the great joy to meet John, the leader of Greenwich Chapter of Independent photographers, and lots of great and very different photographers, from which many showed what they did. We discussed how to make the best books from our images, and how we obtained some others.

I am looking forward to meet them again. It was a great and useful evening: so many people to know. So many photos to admire. So much to learn from too.

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