Saturday, December 27, 2008

Regent Street the Boxer day

It was an interesting afternoon, with lots of people around and the shops open and even lots of them with sales sign, although I did go there to experience and not to buy.

I did go finally in the new shop of National Geographic and I did finally buy a memory (more then before) for my camera: the prices, happilly for me are falling fast for all those things.

I feel that this, one of the first I took as my bus let me down in Regent street, one from 360, expresses the best what it is about, what I felt that it was. Somehow, the shoes and hands "tell all" about the elegance of the shops around there.

Some others tell the tale of bonded boulevard and small narrow old streets near it, too, I came home tired in spirit but my legs still going well: wonderful considering "me".

Great place, Regent street full of people, even if sometimes it was too much for me, but the other side then proved to be better, more easy to walk, and the side streets that beckoned me too.

It was only that old "sir" I met in a small library, living nearby, who complained "too many people". He never considered moving, just would have liked the place to be again "as I used to be" - I think, in colonial times.

Interesting experience, that encounter too. But why someone who lives in such an elegant street goes to MacDonald to drink his afternoon café?

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