Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saint John's lunch today

Today, with other "freedom card" holders, I went to have Christmas lunch at St. John's: a very warm welcome.

We were only around 24 around four tables in the church, and after lunch and discussions Carols were song.

I recorded one of it, in French "Silent night" what we also song in Hungarian in my youth around the tree.

It was, as you can see a wonderful sunny day and I got a nice invitation for Christmas day lunch. I think, this is a great honor and a great responsability.

Yes, I did want to experience an English Christmas, and yes, I am happy to go also, but so many memories of my childhood and that of my children are linked with it!

what a wonderful voice!

Coming towards home, I went behind the building were I live and took photos of the fir tree shining partially in the sun. How fast the sun goes down right now!

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