Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rochester Dickensian Christmas

So difficult to choose, between all my images, but this is between my favorite ones. The "doctor" as I image, as we imagine, from old times.

I did a first photo of him too near, then asked him to stop a minute to have time to go farther and take it like you see it here.

What is wonderful in a Costumed festival, that most of people are so happy that their picture in the costume is taken. They do spend a lot of time to think about, to choose, to dress, to take whatever accessory they need, so they are ready to have it immortalized - how they look in them.

At that event, in Rochester, on the Hight Street, between the rail road and the river, and around it also, under the Cathedral, all Dickensian Characters walking not only during the parade, but after and before, were ready to be photographed.

I still have lots of them to look, to study, but here there are some already on my flickr set of Rochester.

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