Friday, December 26, 2008

My mother's birthday

I did give her cyclamens for her birthday, each 26 December, and even if she did pass away when I was only 26 years old, now, about 50 years later, each year I buy one thinking about her.

This one is from last year, but in my window I have this years and day by day I am happy it feels well where I placed it. As I feel well in England too.

Not only my mother birthday is on "Boxing day" but my biggest grand-son's too: he has 15 today! I wish him lots of happiness and a long, healthy life.

I also wish for myself to see him more often, but that is not what is the most important. For him to grow an independent and strong being is. To find his path and be flexible about it.

Each of us has to find, to follow its own. And when we find a wall before us and cannt jump high enough, instead of hurting our heads or soul, to be able to find another one, leading in different direction. Enjoying what we find there.

That is perhaps the most important message of my mother's short life, she did not do it, hurting her heart again and again and again. Not living and enjoying enough, what could be. Also she loved the autumn leaves and was happy with the cyclamens I bough her each birthday, also Boxing day.

I changed my path this year, mother: changed countries, cities, environment. New vistas open now before me. Event at 74 past, one can change the road we travel.

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