Sunday, December 28, 2008

A balerina

Not only she dances, but makes dances and takes videos of them, and what a graceful pose!

End of year, we review our last year, at least I use to do it, sometimes before the year leave me. This year it was a major jump through the Canal. Even if I have crossed through the Tunnel with the train.

Changing a few miles is not much thing, changing language is not easy and changing country either. But more then anything else it is a change of cultures.

I enjoy a lot the British Culture, very cosmopolitan as I see it so far, also there is a lot to learn yet. I love the seemingly open welcome, wherever I go, also I make a lot of missteps too, as I do not know unwritten customs. Not only each country has his, but also inside it each group.

With time, I'll find a group accepting me where I find myself well, as in France, probably they will be mostly people, who like me have come from some part. On the road, I meet lots of interesting, nice people!

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