Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One step at a time

There is a long way to go, often, where we want, but if we think of one step only at a time, at a day, we can do it.

A new book to study in the new year, Walking into this world by Julia Cameron, "the green book", we'll begin the 13 weeks in January. I begun to read the first chapter, whose advice are:

Go from where you are with what you are - that is your origin, originality
Do it, one step at a time, but start now
Do nothing, relax for half an hour: one has to rest from time to time

I want to make a book where I comment on hundred most popular of my photos, it seems huge work, but one each day is manageable.

I begun already yesterday and today: in my photoblog and under the first two pictures. Yes, it is only the first version that I'll have to complete and correct. But the first two steps were made. Now, the road seems less frightening.

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  1. Good luck with your newest project. I glanced at your photoblog and the photos look very interesting - will be great to read the stories behind them when I have more time.