Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas along Thames

Christmas trees along my life were very important, how much joy the trees (with bonbons beside candles on them) had given me, year by year.

We had great Christmas evenings with all my cousins coming to our house to receive the gifts St Nicolas brings us, before the war, before they scattered or were killed.

In the war, I do remember very well also the time when already the Russian troupes had surrounded Budapest. We could not go out, without being shut any more. We lived already under the ground. (And for four more month). But somehow, my parents found, probably in the garden (though going out there was also perilous) some fir branches. They hang them on the lamp of the ceiling.

They found some gifts, my mother have had them for some time, because she gave me a diary. My first diary in which I begin to write the same evening, and did write for other four Christmas, until I was past fourteen. It did finish with my gifts received then and my wishes for the years to come.

Christmas was also important for my children and we did all I could to offer them one, from the time my daughter was only four month old to the time they left home. I gathered once more, later, all I could in family, but something was missing. It was the last time I had a tree in my house. The memories remain now.

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