Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rochester Christmas

This is the 344th photo I took in Rochester, just before leaving, near the station. I found interesting the decoration at the car dealership;

There were the only thing with light, at the moment, but the sun was not yet down.

It will take long until I go one by one through the pictures I have taken, and for the moment I make a pause. During that pause, yesterday I looked and listened to the television for three hours.

Really interesting!

For the first time, in my life I had a live meeting of the Parliament in London! A packed house, too! Mostly, I was delighted to understand what they were speaking about and how they tried, without really succeeding to defend their own rights against the government. As I almost finished reading the history of England, I even understood some of historic references.

So, even if I do not understand East London language a lot, I do when the MP are speaking! In three hours it was only one, with a bit heavier accent that I had difficulty to understand, not too bad, is it?

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