Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brighton Seaside in Winter

Photowalk with the University of Third Age, organized, wonderfully by Roger: we were 16 and I enjoyed it a lot.

In the morning with them, and after lunch, when I lost them, alone.

I did walk and took photos as long as my battery did not give up on me, and even then, I discovered new streets and great places, walking more then my legs would have wanted.

So what?

Home, early, I took a neurphen, two, for the pain, and was delighted with my photo harvest.

Of course, each time, I am enchanted with what I do, and it takes time to settle down and make the difference and see what does remain and what not.

Lots of pictures, and here are only those I liked most or could show without almost no change, fast put on flickr yesterday around midnight, part of images while I already slept. I woke up, then closed my camera and this morning played with them rearagning them a lottle.

So good to go out from time to time!

Even in the winter! Even not far from home! It gives me so much pleasure, that I should not wait so much to do it again.

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