Thursday, February 4, 2010

Red, and Valentine day

There is of course, the museum and spectacle of "horror": enter here on your peril it says the door. Red, of course.

And a woman in red skirt passes near it, here already farther away.

These days, until Valentine day, lots of things are red, it seems it is assimilated with "heart" and love.

Is the love red?

I found that of lot of people invent "red" things to sell everywhere, and I am amazed of their inventive thoughts and work.

Around Bond Street-19
What is this? I asked. Ah, one can put warm water in it. And put it, where? I am not sure, but it warm you up.

Do we need warm up when we love? It would be a very lukewarm love then, which I do not call love at all. Can we warm up love?

It is true also that sometimes there are crisis in a couple's life, interaction, but would that present warm it up? Ok, perhaps, at least, it would make the other one laugh.

'I have no Valentine' I told the young seller girl. "Me neither' she answered me, sadly. "You have more chance to get one," I told her, but she was not convinced.

So many people without couple, the Valentine day fever makes ache more.

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