Thursday, February 25, 2010

My speech was not a story

How true, my evaluator said "it has a moral, it is a speech, but it is not a story" - as sad as it was to hear, she was right. Today, I read a story written by my nine year old grand son: a real story! Three characters, adventure, friendship, fear, fight, and all finished well.

It also had a moral: do not judge from the exterior!

I'll have to add here, another day his story about the small boy and the ogre. Ogres.

Coming home today, I fell down because of the mud that I did not see in the dark, but being with my grand son was great and I did not hit myself badly and was able to stand up without too much difficulty, after having seen that the couple near me turned their back instead of coming to my help.

I did not need their help, finally and did not ask for it either. Still it was a bit strange. There are all kind of people. And yes, it was getting a bit dark too. The mud can be washed out, almost did already and the most important: I did stand up on my own!

Also, my next story told will be "more like a story"!

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